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This is a blog that isn't safe for work unless you work for a very good boss and over 18's due to it's content!

We are a happy couple, who like to share our kinky side, we are in a d/s relationship that grew from our everyday relationship. She is called pet he is daddy. We have skype and msn but the cam is only ever on if both of us are there, all messages are saved so we can see what's been said,
We don't show our faces so please don't ask, feel free to submit suggestions or pics!

Our skype is pet.Sophie
Our msn is

13th May 2012

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He ripped those clothes off of her, forced His cock down her throat….~Master Johnson~ The Owner of subbi Johnson


He ripped those clothes off of her, forced His cock down her throat….
~Master Johnson~
The Owner of subbi Johnson

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